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Yes on 1
On November 8, 2022, Massachusetts voters passed Question 1: the Fair Share Amendment. We chose a fairer tax system, guaranteeing that the richest one percent will pay more to fund our public schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and public transit.
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Now, Fair Share is at work, funding $1 billion of transportation and public education investments in the current state budget—with more to come.

Here's how the first $1 billion of Fair Share funding is being spent:

Public Schools


for construction projects and green infrastructure in public schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade

$69 million

to give every child free school meals, saving families hundreds of dollars a year
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for MBTA infrastructure, including repairs, maintenance, and improvements

$205.8 million

Public Transportation

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for regional transit authorities, including expanded service hours, route expansions, and making fares free

$90 million

Public Colleges and Universities


for financial aid to students at public colleges


for tuition-free community college
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Roads and Bridges


for the construction and repair of roads and bridges across the state

Early Education and Care

$70.5 million

to expand access to high-quality childcare and pre-K to more children and families

Want to get involved? Help us spread the word that the Fair Share Amendment is already funding the schools, roads, and transit we all rely on.

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