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Buses and Trains


Buses and Trains

Our public transportation network is stuck in the last century, and many pieces of our public transportation infrastructure are in dire need of repair and replacement.

At the MBTA, decades of underinvestment has resulted in staffing shortages, operations cuts, delayed repairs, and shuttered stations. These issues don’t only make it difficult or impossible to travel conveniently and reliably; they’re also causing major safety concerns. No one should have to fear for their safety getting on a bus or train, yet old and outdated infrastructure is responsible for dangerous mishaps more and more often.

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Regional transit authorities around the state need more funding to provide vital evening and Sunday service. Additional regional bus routes would move commuters from train stations to their jobs, reduce congestion, and help boost local economies. And expanding rail service throughout the state can help link residents of cities and towns across the Commonwealth to better jobs and more opportunity.


To help combat climate change over the coming decades, we need to dramatically improve and expand our public transportation systems across the state. Transit needs to be sustainable and green, with widespread electrification to move away from gas and other pollutants. 


Bringing our transit networks into the 21st century will require funding—and Question 1, the Fair Share Amendment, will provide it.


Get the facts on what Question 1 means for racial and economic justice.

Help us make that Massachusetts a reality.

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