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Your Stories

Question 1 is about a fair Massachusetts for everyone.

Your stories are the reason we're here.

Rachel, Cambridge

"I want to be able to count on the quality of every single public school in the state. The Fair Share Amendment will help us get there."

Your Stories

Your story — why the Fair Share Amendment matters to you, your family, and your community — is the most powerful tool we have to pass Question 1 and build the Massachusetts we deserve.

Mark, Lynn

"We can make sure that all our public schools can give every student the high-quality education they deserve."

"The top person in the 1%, who makes millions of dollars, has increased their wealth in the past two years by trillions."

Jonathan, Boston

Tracey, Somerville

"I come from a family of educators, and what I'm hoping for is that we can have more funding for schools, public infrastructure, and the things that we need."
Kalli, Dorchester

Get everything you need to know about exactly how to vote Yes on 1.

Liz, Quincy
Karsten, Somerville
Anna, Quincy
Angel, Brockton 
Natalia, Chelsea

Your stories will help us pass the Fair Share Amendment
this year.

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