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Environmental & Climate Organizations Endorse Question 1 to Improve Transportation and Public Education

Aug 1, 2022

Environmental Advocates Join Growing Coalition Supporting Fair Share Amendment Tax on Million-Dollar Earners on November Ballot

BOSTON – The campaign working to pass the Fair Share Amendment, the proposed state tax on incomes above $1 million which would raise billions of dollars to invest in transportation and public education, today announced the endorsement of seven of the state’s leading environmental and climate organizations. The Fair Share Amendment is Question 1 on the November statewide ballot. “Our public education and transportation system have been underfunded for far too long. The Fair Share Amendment will bring a permanent source of revenue for critical investments in these areas, particularly for historically underserved communities,” said Veena Dharmaraj, Director of Transportation at Massachusetts Sierra Club. “A safe, reliable, affordable, and electrified public transit system should not be a luxury for those that need it the most. Let’s get million-dollar-earners to pay their fair share for building a stronger Commonwealth.” The seven environmental and climate organizations collectively represent thousands of environmental advocates from across Massachusetts. “Our schools, roads and transit systems are all public goods, and they must be people-centered and fully-funded. Question 1 would fund these public goods by taxing people who earn more than $1 million dollars a year, not on the backs of those who can afford it least — environmental justice communities like Chelsea and East Boston,” said Maria Belen Power, Associate Executive Director of GreenRoots. “As we move towards a just recovery, we need the Fair Share Amendment: A new progressive source of revenue that centers working-class families across the state.” “350 Mass is fighting for environmental policy that will help lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve our planet. The Fair Share Amendment will generate an estimated $2 billion in revenue each year that will be used in part to improve our public transportation systems and create more opportunities for eco-friendly transit,” said Sylvia Parsons, Transportation Working Group Co-Chair at 350 Mass. “With better, more reliable public transportation, funded by Fair Share, more Massachusetts residents will be able to choose transit on their daily commutes or to get around town. By voting Yes on 1 this November, we’re promoting environmental justice for all across the Commonwealth.” “The impacts of the climate crisis are already here. To achieve a sustainable future for all children, we need a robust public transit system that is safe, reliable, and affordable,” said Mina Reddy, Co-Coordinator of the Mothers Out Front Massachusetts Leadership Team. “The revenue raised by passing Question 1 will bring that within reach – without placing the cost on those least able to pay.” “If public transit is better funded, we will all benefit from cleaner air and shorter commutes,” said Larry Chretien, Executive Director of the Green Energy Consumers Alliance. “That’s why the Green Energy Consumers Alliance supports the Fair Share Amendment.” The environmental and climate organizations join more than 215 organizations and thousands of activists across the state who are working together to pass Question 1 on the ballot. The campaign previously announced support from 63 community organizing groups, 26 housing and community development organizations, 28 social service providers, 15 faith-based groups, and 7 public health organizations. After years of grassroots advocacy, the state Legislature voted in June 2021 to place the Fair Share Amendment on the November 2022 statewide ballot, where it is now set to be decided on by the voters as Question 1. The full list of endorsing environmental and climate organizations is below, and a full list of organizations that have endorsed Question 1 is available at 350 Mass Conservation Law Foundation Green Energy Consumers Alliance GreenRoots Mothers Out Front Massachusetts Our Climate Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter Background on Question 1: the Fair Share Amendment The Fair Share Amendment – Question 1 on the November ballot – will allow Massachusetts to improve our transportation and public education systems by making the very rich pay their fair share. Question 1 would create a 4 percent tax on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million and require – in the state constitution – that the funds be spent only on transportation and public education. Only people who earn more than $1 million annually will be impacted; 99% of us won’t pay a penny more. And we’ll all benefit from better schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and public transportation. Learn more and get involved at ### The Fair Share for Massachusetts campaign is led by Raise Up Massachusetts, a coalition of community organizations, faith-based groups, and labor unions committed to building an economy that invests in families, gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, and creates broadly shared prosperity. Since our coalition came together in 2013, we have nearly doubled wages for hundreds of thousands of working people by winning two increases in the state’s minimum wage, won best-in-the-nation earned sick time and paid family and medical leave benefits for workers and their families, and started to build an economy that works for all of us, not just those at the top.

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