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Roads and Bridges

Our crumbling infrastructure is costing you money, and it’s holding our entire economy back.
The potholes in Massachusetts roads cost the average driver more than $600 a year. Some roads and potholes haven’t been fixed or repaved in years. It’s not just inconvenient: it’s expensive and preventable.

Right now, hundreds of bridges in Massachusetts are so badly damaged they cannot safely support vehicles. This is a real problem: you can’t just go around a bridge that’s out of commission. People commuting to work, traveling to see friends, or buying groceries need to cross these bridges—they’re critical for getting to where we need to go. Ten million vehicles travel over structurally deficient bridges in Massachusetts every single day. What’s more, our under-maintained transportation system is bad for public safety: closed bridges, detours, and dangerously unmaintained roads contribute to slower response times for emergency vehicles and personnel. This is not only unsafe and unsustainable — it’s unacceptable. 


Business-backed groups say nearly $43 billion in transportation projects across the state are currently unfunded, further crippling our state’s infrastructure and transit systems. This has serious impacts on quality of life, economic growth, and climate resiliency. When we can’t get around, we don’t have as many job opportunities, can’t see our friends and family, and can’t make it to vital errands or health care appointments. Deteriorating roads and unreliable public transportation also make it harder to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis and keep our communities safe.


It’s clear we need to do something about our crumbling roads and bridges. We need a permanent, sustainable source of funding to ensure they’re safe and well-maintained. With $2 billion a year from the Fair Share Amendment, we can improve our transportation systems across the state so all of our roads and bridges are safe and all of us can get where we’re going.


Get the facts on what Question 1 means for buses, trains, and public transportation.

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